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short time special here: Freak Valley Festival 2014 - 2017


My blood rushes straight to the shutter release when I’m caught between a screaming audience and the stage.
Images says more whenever the protagonists are portrayed as liberated from rehearsed poses. Meaning, whenever the photographer exposes the pose as a pose, deliberately hides the musician between color gradients or finds moments in which the performer leaves his on-stage role and returns to that which he undeniably is: a human being.
Thus the photographic interpretation of a real situation on stage plays a major role even during the actual shot itself. The desire for a true representation of reality is in any case unfulfillable, for the reality of the show consists in the spectacle. The stage photographer, who himself is also always physically and emotionally part of the intoxicating situation of a concert, must learn to recognize that—only then will he produce meaningful pictures.
In 1972 I photographed my first festival using an Agfa Isola viewfinder camera with a 72mm f11 lens which pops out the front of the camera. I shot Pink Floyd, Humble Pie, Wishbone Ash, The Strawbs, Atomic Rooster, Frumpy, Family, The Kinks, Uriah Heep, Buddy Miles, Rory Gallagher and a lot more until the end of the 70s.
In 1980 all my negatives and slides from the 70s burned during a fire. In 2011 (after a longtime break of 30 years), I restarted shooting rock & roll.
I have been teaching at HfG Offenbach since 1993 photographic basics in analog and digital work flows. In 2010, in the form of the university project ON STAGE, I launched a teaching unit on the topic of rock photography.